Information about cookies on the Skogssällskapet website

By using this website, you accept and give your consent to Skogssällskapet storing cookies on your computer, telephone or tablet.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a text file that is stored on your computer, telephone or tablet. Cookies save information that can later be read by the website.

Why does Skogssällskapet use cookies?

We use cookies to identify you as a unique visitor and thereby facilitate your activities on the website. Cookies mean that the website can remember the choices you have made, such as completed forms or language settings, so that you do not need to re-enter the same settings every time you visit the site. Cookies are also used to give us statistics and information about how many people visit our website and which pages they visit. These statistics are then important in our work to develop the website. Cookies may also be used to market relevant content to you as visitor in social media and on other websites.

You can modify the use of cookies according to your own preferences.

Which cookies does Skogssällskapet use?

The table below shows the cookies used on the Skogssällskapet website, their purpose, and how long they are saved.

Skriv tabellbeskrivning här
JSESSIONIDSession cookie used, for example, to determine whether the visitor is logged in or not.Session
sv-utsNot used, but stored for one year to link the visitor with previous visits to the website. Used to adapt the content on the page to the visitor.1 år
SiteVisionLTMUsed by our CMS supplier to handle load balancing.Session
_gaSaved for up to two years, and used to identify visitors.2 år
_gidSaved for up to 24 hours, and used to identify visitors.24 timmar
_gatUsed to limit the number of requests.1 minut
fbq('track')Used to market relevant content on Facebook. Read about what to do if you want to be removed from this.180 dagar

Third-party services


The Vimeo video service uses a cookie equivalent to our JSESSIONID (called vuid) to determine whether or not you are logged in to their video service.


Mobilityguard, our log-in service, uses cookies equivalent to our JSESSIONID (called SID) to determine whether you are logged in or not.

They also use Google Analytics for statistics and follow up, to improve the service.

Google analytics

Google Analytics uses a number of cookies that enable them to provide their service on our behalf. These cookies are used to monitor your visits to different websites and to see how you use our website. You can read more information about these cookies here: External link, opens in new window.

Managing your cookies

Most web browsers accept cookies automatically. You can configure your browser to accept or block cookies, or to inform you when cookies are created. The way to manage cookie settings varies between different browsers, but usually you can change the settings via the menu for tools or options. If you decide to block Skogssällskapet’s cookies, the functionality of the website may be limited.

You can read more about cookies and how you clear or block cookies on the Help pages for your web browser here:

Remove yourself from retargeting advertising

We may market content related to you on Facebook. If you wish to be removed from this, do the following:

  • When you see an advertisement from us, click on the cross or arrow in the top right corner of the advertisement. Select “Why am I seeing this?”
  • You can then choose to stop receiving more advertisements from us.